This is an introductory level course, designed for students with little to no knowledge of the Dutch (or Flemish) language. This is a first step for beginners in a safe and welcoming environment and suitable for those who wish to continue with language learning in the future.

During this course, we will cover:

  • pronunciation, with markers on Dutch spoken in the Netherlands and Belgium (Flemish)
  • greetings and common expressions
  • cardinal numbers, colours and general vocabulary
  • calendar (days of the week, months, time of day) and being able to tell the date
  • likes and dislikes, hobbies and pass-times
  • basic presentations of oneself (name, age, address, nationality, profession)
  • basic grammar concepts, such as: articles, use of formality, word order in sentences
  • verbs and conjugations in the present tense ...

ending each week with a song that ties in what's been taught, enhances pronunciation and understanding, all the while offering some new vocabulary in a fun way!

On completion of these seven weeks, you will be able to read and write Dutch with ease, be able to understand the basics, remember some essential vocabulary, grasp some simple grammar and have a general idea of the Dutch language and culture.

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