Ever wondered how to play zills (finger cymbals, sagat) and move at the same time?  Come along to these lessons and learn how!  

Zills are a percussion instrument and lovely to play.

These lessons teach you how to hold your zills, how to play them in a basic pattern and rhythm and how to produce different sounds with them.  It will also teach you how to move your feet, arms and hips whilst doing so.

These are fun lessons that give you the basic principles of playing zills whilst moving.

The first lesson is suitable for “absolute beginners”, for students who have never held a set of zills before or for those dancers who would like to “refresh” themselves with the very basics of zill playing.

In the first lesson you do not need to know how to belly dance in order to learn how to play zills.  

The remaining lessons will concentrate on playing zills to different rhythms and moving (feet, arms, legs, hips, torso – not necessarily in that order) whilst doing so.

These lessons will focus on the playing of zills and moving while doing so, not on belly dance moves.  However there will be some simple combinations taught so that you feel comfortable while dancing and playing zills.

Come along and have fun while learning an extension of your dance art.

Course materials required – set of zills (finger cymbals).  There are four in a set.

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